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Category L

Start from 0.00€ / per day
2012 Unleaded, Diesel Automatic  

Category J

Start from 0.00€ / per day
2015 Unleaded 95 Manual  

Category G

Start from 0.00€ / per day
2006 Unleaded 95, Diesel Automatic, Manual  

Category Ε1

Start from 0.00€ / per day
2016 Unleaded 95 Automatic  

Category E

Start from 0.00€ / per day
2014 Unleaded 95 Automatic  

Category D

Start from 0.00€ / per day
2012 Unleaded 95, Diesel Manual  

Category C

Start from 0.00€ / per day
2015 Unleaded 95, Diesel Manual  

Category C

Start from 0.00€ / per day
2015 Unleaded 95, Diesel Manual  


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Accepted driving licenses (which must be in the customer’s possession for at least one(1) year) as per the current law in Greece:

• European (from E.U. Countries)
• Issued from any participant country in Vienna’s Convention on Road Traffic.

In case the drivers’ national driving licenses (which must be in his/her possession for at least one year) do not match any of the above requirements, valid International Driving Licenses are required which can even be just one day old.

– Our rates include “Civil liability and third party liability insurance”
– C.D.W. Insurance (500.00 to 1200.00 Euros deductible)
– Theft and fire insurance
– Ferry insurance (The vehicle will be insured even while boarded on a ferry)
– Unlimited mileage for rentals exceeding 3 days
– Additional driver
– 24Hrs road assistance
– Delivery & collection from Athens International Airport and 24% VAT
Payment with credit or debit cards can be arranged without any additional fees.
Our fuel policy is to return the vehicle with the exact fuel level as delivered (Part to Part policy). Upon the delivery of the vehicle you can check along with our representative the fuel indicator which will be marked on the rental agreement contract. Upon the return of the vehicle, in case it is returned with less fuel, the actual fuel cost will be requested, no “Refueling Services fee” is applicable in our agency! No refund is applicable for any additional unused fuel.
C.D.W. (Collision Damage Waiver) is full insurance that covers the rented car on all kinds of accidents committed by the renter and with a maximum deductible per incident as agreed. (The deductible is usually 500.00 Euros per accident for small and mid-sized cars and can reach 1200.00 Euros for luxury cars, minivans and SUVs). This means that if the customer is part of an accident which he/she is liable for, the maximum amount he/she will have to pay for that specific accident is the deductible amount.

Examples for a car with 500.00 Euros deductible:

– An accident with damage for which the repair cost amounts to 100.00 Euros, the customer will be debited the amount of 100.00 Euros.
– An accident with damage for which the repair cost amounts to 2000.00 Euros, the customer will be debited the amount of 500.00 Euros.

All vehicles of our fleet (including 4×4 models) are strictly forbidden from being driven off-road.