The ever-increasing demand for short- and medium-term car rental options and the need of corporate customers for small leases to meet the demands of their travels is one of the reasons to choose this service.

One issue that many companies face is the provision of temporary vehicles for new employees who may be working on trial basis but must be able to move immediately or provide vehicles for those involved in specific projects or short-term contracts.

New recruits often need access to corporate transfers to get their new job, but they do not have confirmed employment contracts that entitle them to a full-time corporate vehicle.

A better idea for companies with temporary travel needs of more than 28 days (the normal limit for day-rental vehicles), but who do not wish to commit to a three-year lease, is Mini-Lease. Mini – Lease offers the perfect, flexible solution.

Substantially less than conventional corporate car leasing, the mini-lease consists of short- to medium-term lease products of three. six or twelve months, which are the ideal answer to the company’s travel requirements.

A short-term car rental solution bridges the gap between rent-a-car and long-term multi-year lease and provides adjusted rates for car leases from one month to 48 months. It can also be provided without any form of penalty for changing the duration of the period, regardless of the reason.


Our services provide a full package, aiming the complete and efficient utilization of your fleet:

  • You can utilize any of our services in a combination or independently for specific needs
  • We offer multiple solutions based on your needs
  • Flexible rental periods between 1 to 48 months and kilometers are offered based on your needs, which are determined at the start of the contract, but could change at any time depending on the use of the vehicle.
  • Adjustment to your needs, in order to optimize your productivity and so that we can help you monitor the usage cost of your vehicles.

The products and services of Mini Lease allow you to:

  1. Partner with an innovative and creative brand name which offers multiple solutions for cars as well as trucks.
  2. Selection of models that include low CO2 emmissions, low taxation and innovative equipment, while you carry over all expenses to your business.
  3. Reduce fuel consumption and facilitate the daily life of your drivers.
  4. A complete solution to your and your drivers’ needs.
  5. Safety improvement and reduce of risk