What is the Mini Lease service?

Mini Lease consists of short- to medium-term lease products of three. six or twelve months, and bridges the gap between rent-a-car and long-term multi-year lease.

How does easyrentGreece offer the Mini Lease service?

EasyrentGreece provides adjucted rates for car leases from one month to 48 months. It can also be provided without any form of penalty for changing the duration of the period, regardless of the reason.

What are the benefits of Mini Lease?

  1. You secure a leased vehicle with one of the many solutions that we provide for your needs.
  2. You can adjust the leasing terms to monitor your charges.
  3. Select models that include low CO2 emmissions, low taxation and innovative equipment, while you carry over all expenses to your business.
  4. Reduce fuel consumption and facilitate the daily life of your drivers.
  5. Reduce unexpected cocts and risks.